Thank you for your interest in learning more about the PK9A®

The PK9A® is more than a private training group. The bonds we have formed have made us a family. Each individual plays an intricate role within the organization. Our active and retired team members serve as our foundational support. Our volunteers, sponsors, and donors believe in our mission and pave the way for our K-9 teams to have the necessary training and equipment required to be successful. Our Board of Directors provide our checks and balances. The sole reason why we can continue to help our K-9 teams flourish, is because of each individual who contribute to the PK9A®

Our K-9’s play a vital role in communities by providing a myriad of missions – consisting of drug enforcement, criminal apprehension, officer safety, tracking, detection, and search and rescue. As the need for K-9’s continues to grow, so does our organization’s responsibility to support our K-9 teams.

Our predecessors formed the PK9A® in 1985 with the intent to assist a single department for their own needs. Over nearly four decades, our organization has grown exponentially, reaching far past Canton, Ohio. In our partnership with the Canton Police Department K-9 Unit, we offer exclusive training to our active K-9 teams on a weekly basis, and we prepare, and state-certify teams involved in narcotics and explosives detection, tracking, patrol, and general obedience. City and county financial budgets often limit or exclude needed funding for K-9’s within their department.

The PK9A® bridges the gap to cover K-9 related expenses to ensure our teams are equipped with the imperative items and training they need. We take pride in the ability to send our members to off-site education and training seminars, as well as provide life saving equipment for their partners.  Our retired members are taken care of for medical and End of Life Valor when that time comes.  We recognize strong community support as a key factor in the safety of both our neighborhoods and the K-9’s protecting them.

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We thank you for your unwavering support. Without you, we cannot do what we do.


Officer Christopher Heslop
Head Trainer/Director of Training
Police K-9 Association, Inc.