I started with the PK9A® back in 2016 with my first partner, K-9 Chucky. He retired early due to a health condition. My second partner was K-9 Bruno, who fulfilled a rewarding career and retired in 2022. The PK9A® made the transition to my current partner, K-9 Rocky, seamless. The scenario-based training, education, and equipment provided by the PK9A® translated to a substantial amount of success to our team. Most importantly, the PK9A® provides an irreplaceable family of brothers and sisters that share a common goal.

Deputy Edwards & K-9 RockyTuscarawas County SO

I have been a member of the PK9A® when I began with my first K-9 partner, Bono, in 2014. Bono and I had an outstanding career thanks to the training and support received from the PK9A®. When Bono passed away suddenly in November 2020, the PK9A® also stood by as family, not just as members and friends. Since the passing of Bono, I have completed by state certificate with my newest partner, K-9 Puma. We are excited to continue to protect the good people of Steubenville and surrounding areas, thanks to the training, education and tools provided by the PK9A®.

Sergeant Cook & K-9 PumaSteubenville PD

The reason K-9 Breeze and I love being members of the PK9A®, is because it is more than “just a bunch of guys” coming to train. The PK9A® is a family of brothers and their K-9 partners, who will always have your back. We come together for one cause: to succeed on the streets and conquer all evil. The PK9A® helps all members succeed while on-and-off the job. They bring multiple agencies together and are available to help each handler succeed daily.

Patrolman Eubanks & K-9 BreezeCambridge PD

Not only do I appreciate the support the PK9A® offers to current K-9 member teams, I think much of the assistance they provide when a K-9 retires or passes away. I started with the PK9A® with my first partner, K-9 Ozzie, who served a full career with the Carroll Co. SO. Once Ozzie retired, I continued as a handler with K-9 Otis. He retired in 2022 and I now have my third partner, K-9 Omar. I value how the PK9A® trains a multitude of different scenarios to make K-9’s more tactical and also how they educate the handlers. In return, it creates a solid partnership.

Deputy Beohm & K-9 OmarCarroll County SO